Hi, My name is Mohit Goyal

About Me

My name is Mohit Goyal and recent Computer Science Graduate from Syracuse University.

I have worked as a Full Stack Development Intern at TempoQuest Inc. Syracuse, New York where involved in developing end to end web application for ordering, management, delivery and payment of weather model data products.

Having more than 2 years of work experience with Yamaha Motors Solutions (India) Private Limited, Faridabad, India as Software Developer in Microsoft SharePoint Technology. Microsoft Certified Professional in developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions. Having expertise in C#, Java, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL, Android Development and more.

Completed my Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Technology from YMCA University of Science & Technology, Faridabad, India.


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Web Development
Software Development
App Development
UI / UX Design

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C & C++




JavaScript & JQuery




BootStrap & Ajax


Android Programming


My Story


YMCA University of Science & Technology

Bachelor of Technology

Completed my Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from YMCA University of Science & Technology, Faridabad, India with first division.


Yamaha Motor Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Software Engineer Trainee

Developed Leave Management System for Yamaha Employees using C# and used SQL Server for database management.

Maintained application front-end using HTML, CSS, jQuery/JavaScript, Bootstrap.


Yamaha Motor Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Software Engineer

Collaborated with technical and business teams to develop customized software for Yamaha subsidiaries for their dealer operations such as order, retail, receive, wholesale, inventory, warranty claim, services, finance of goods on Microsoft SharePoint platform.

Developed back-end using C# and wrote DB objects (stored procedures, views, functions, triggers) in SQL Server.

Implemented application pages/form in asp.net using Bootstrap, jQuery/JavaScript, Ajax, CSS and HTML.

Managed web services and assisted team in identifying, root-causing and fixing software bugs.

Handled client’s change requests and provided on call assistance.


Syracuse University

Graduate Student Computer Science

Completed my MS in Computer Science from Syracuse University in May 2019.

CGPA is 3.78/4.


TempoQuest Inc.

Full Stack Developer Intern (Co-Op)

Developed web application for customer ordering, management and payment for weather forecast model using Java on Play framework.

Maintained application front-end using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ajax, jQuery/JavaScript. Used MySQL for database management.

Deployed code using Git version control and had responsibility of Unit, Integration and System Testing.


Syracuse University

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Graduate Teaching Assistant for Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CIS 675).

Assisted professor with lectures and programs, Grading exams and assignments, conducting help sessions.

My Portfolio

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Community Detection

• Developed Python application to detect reciprocal friends and grouped them together using color coded graphs based on their connectivity.


Live Plotting and Sentiment Analysis of Tweets on World Map

• Developed Python project fetching live tweets around world using Tweepy Library and sentiment analysis using TextBlob Library.

• Plotted Tweets on world map with color-coded sentiment using Basemap Library.

Android Smart City Traveler

• Developed Android application to give travel recommendations to wander lusters based on their limited time, preferences and location.

• Integrated Foursquare places API to get location details, Firebase API for database management and Kotlin for programming.

Audio Feature Extraction and Music Mood Analysis

• Developed multilingual Machine Learning model to analyze and classify mood of the songs using audio feature extraction tool jAudio.

• Wrote Research Paper based on the results of this model with another team member.

Online Shopping Comparison Web Application

• Developed Online Shopping comparison web application using Java for undergrad project.

• Maintained application front-end using HTML, CSS, jQuery/JavaScript.

Nucleus Message Passing

• Implemented Inter-Process communication using system calls in nachos to communicate between user programs using C++ STL.

• Handled cases when one programs is waiting for message/answer from another program.

• Enforced maximum number of messages a program can send.

Contact Info

+1 (315) 278 7013 205 Lexington Ave, Apt #2, Syracuse, NY, USA mg15693@gmail.com mogoyal@syr.edu www.mohitgoyal.info